What to Look for in a Workout Supplement?

The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a natural hormone that is produced in the body in the pituitary gland. This hormone is responsible for cell regeneration and growth. Without the HGH factor, it is basically impossible to grow new muscle mass and bones as well as maintain all body tissues. It is active for a few minutes in the blood stream when secreted. However, this is ample time for the liver to convert the hormone into growth factors. The hormone fuels growth in childhood and also helps in maintaining tissues and organs all throughout one’s lifetime.

Workout Supplement

Ingredients of the HGH factor

• Shilajit Moomiyo: This was used by the Russian Special Forces units during the cold war to enhance their military training as well as athletic performance. It also speeds up the rate of muscle recovery. Increasing the body’s HGH levels can also make you live longer.
• Amino acid complex: Amino acids are necessary in the repair of shredded muscles during workouts. Amino acids can also boost your brains ability to produce more HGH hormones.
• Brain boosters: Ingredients such as GABA, work to put the pituitary gland into high gear, thereby releasing more of the HGH hormone into the body.

Other effects of the HGH factor include

• Increasing calcium retention and strengthens the bones.
• Increases the muscle mass.
• Increase in protein synthesis.
• Stimulating the growth of internal organs apart from the brain.
• Stimulating the immune system.

However, the level of HGH factor produced in the blood stream declines gradually with age. The changes that bodies go through due to old age are because of the declining levels of the HGH factor. Reduced levels of HGH factor in the body can cause many problems to the body. However, there are methods of increasing the HGH levels in body.

Methods of replacing the HGH factor in the body

• HGH injections: this is the most effective method of replacing the HGH hormone in the body. This is because the hormone is injected directly into the blood stream. However, injecting HGH hormone into the blood stream comes with numerous side effects to the user. It is because of this, that it is been proven that this is the most leas viable method of them all.
• HGH oral sprays: studies show that HGH is a big molecule and therefore cannot pass through the membranes in the intestines, stomach, or the mouth. As a result, the benefit of these sprays has not yet been proven.
• Natural HGH releasers: these are pills in tablet form and are taken like vitamins. It is advisable that you take these pills before going to sleep because the pituitary gland is most active when you are asleep. Most of these pills contain herbal ingredients that stimulate the production of the HGH factor. The supplements are also easy to consume as opposed to injections and oral sprays.

Benefits of HGH factor

It is proven that people with high levels of HGH live longer, have more energy, and can train for longer periods. If your HGH levels are too low, you could end up wasting time during your workouts.

Source:- https://dominicbowkettsocialworker.tumblr.com/

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