The Best Workouts for Muscle Development

More and more men are looking for ways of muscle development. Muscle development can be achieved through various ways. However, the kind of exercises that help in muscle development, have two features that distinguishes them from all other forms of exercises. The more muscles that are involved in an exercise simultaneously, the higher the anabolic effect of the movement which causes muscle development. The second difference is that these exercises are gentle on the joints thereby minimizing the risk of injury to the soft tissues. The issue around the joints has little blood supply, and therefore takes a longer time to heal, unlike the tissue around the muscles which heal faster. Therefore, it is important to perform exercises that have low impact and stress on the joints, as this promotes recoveries and also speeds up the rate of muscle development. Choosing exercises that do apply pressure on the joints can make the difference on how fast muscle development occurs.

Workouts for Muscle Development

Best workouts for muscle development

• Dead lift: this is regarded by many as the king of muscle development. This is because it involves more muscles working simultaneously than any other muscle development exercises. It effectively adds muscles to the upper and lower parts of the body and is also risk free when properly executed. This method strengthens 25 muscles in the body.
• Bent over row: this method stimulates the growth of the entire back and employs 8 major muscles in the upper, middle and lower back. Performing this exercise is quite difficult and this is why it is often overlooked by most people. However, you must keep your back straight to avoid injury. An overhand grip increases the activation of the shoulder muscles while the underhand grip places emphasis on the biceps and lats.
• Barbell squat: these exercises are perfect for increasing the muscle size on the whole body and not only the legs. This triggers an anabolic effect that promotes muscle development. However, there is a risk of injury in this technique even if the exercise is performed in the right manner. Placing a heavy weight on your shoulder creates a vertical compression on the spinal cord which is unhealthy.
• Barbell lunges: this is an excellent and safer alternative to the barbell squats. Lunges work each leg separately and fully. The big part of resistance from this exercise comes from your own body weight. Therefore, this exercise is not taxing to the spinal cord.
• Leg press: this is a less compound movement when compared to the leg press. It is performed in a seated position and therefore employs much fewer muscles than the squat exercise. Since it is done on a fixed pane of motion, the abs and back muscles are not much involved.
• Chin ups: these are very effective boosters of the upper body. It works out the muscles of the shoulders, upper back, arms and the forearms. The chest muscles also get activated too. In pull ups, the arms face away from you, while in chin ups, your arms face towards you.


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